Secrets To Acing Exam With Mind Mapping


A Personal Message To All Parents.

FACT:  71% of parents acknowledged that their concern grows when their child begins their first day of school.

You now have the opportunity to help them learn these critical life skills. Once they have mastered the skills, you will notice a sudden increase in their memory skills, which will lead to an improvement in their academic results and ability to ace in examinations. This is most certainly the best investment you can make for your child.



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What are the benefits of mind maps for students?

Mind maps assist in information comprehension and absorption. They assist children in visually organizing knowledge and categorizing concepts into distinct categories. All of this contributes to a greater ability to comprehend and apply concepts, which only means one thing: improved exam results!

You might be asking why mind maps are better than simple text notes. Why not do the old-fashioned route? We have a few explanations for this:

  • The use of imagery and visualization is possible with mind mapping: Mind maps increase one’s ability to recall knowledge by up to 6 times when both words and visuals are used.
  • Mind maps are non-linear in that they allow for the connection of multiple ideas. This is also how our minds operate; we never think in a “straight line.” Instead, our thoughts are continually altering, with numerous ideas surfacing at the same time.
  • A mind map helps you to get a quick overview of the topic at hand while still being able to handle enormous amounts of data. This one-of-a-kind feature enables it to be used for both brief glances to refresh essential concepts and more focused learning when the need arises.

At What Age Should I Start To Teach My Children Mind Mapping

I began teaching my children about mind mapping when they were about 8 years old, and they all excelled in their examinations. They now have a strong creative mind that they can fully utilize in their professional lives. Those days there was no software, I use sets of magic colors to illustrate how to create a paper-based mind map. I’ve been using Mind Map for a long time and it’s helped me remember all of the information at my fingertips.

You can now benefit from mind mapping since you will receive a FREE mind mapping software as well as complete training on how to utilize it to generate unlimited mind maps. This is the same FREE mind mapping software that I am using right now to create hundreds of mind maps.

What If My Children Needs Further Guidance On How To Create Mind Maps?

Yes, if your children require One-On-One private tuition in order to develop a mind map, we do provide that service. Each session is 50 minutes long and is conducted online via zoom. They must have completed this course as a prerequisite. Check out this page for further details.


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