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What Our Students Say About Us

"The mind mapping course is a handy problem solving tool for managing all your problems and possible solutions that canbe used to resolve your problems"
"Secara peribadi apa yang saya boleh kongsikan, kursus seperti ini bagus terutama bagi mereka yang sentiasa mahu meningkatkan potensi kemahiran dalam diri. Dengan bantuan pembelajaran yang lengkap, mudah difahami dan personal mentor membantu lagi kita untuk maju ke hadapan."
"Once you have kick-started the journey & with proper disciplines (At least a couple of minutes a day as recommended), you eventually will stay ahead of the game as told by the course coach, Mr. FC Hong. Impressed with the course content, no boring & each topic covered with great information."
"Kursus ini banyak mengajar saya cara menyimpan, melabur, dan menjana lebih banyak duit dan tidak bergantung kepada gaji bulanan semata-mata. Saya juga belajar bagaimana menetapkan matlamat kewangan yang ingin dicapai dan akan mendorong diri sendiri untuk mencapai kebebasan kewangan"
"What I like about E-learning is saves time and money. With online learning, we as learners can access content anywhere and anytime. We don’t need to take time out from our jobs to attend classes. E-learning is also cost-effective and no printing material is helps reduce our carbon footprint, too."
"I took the course titled From Rat Race to FIRE, it actually introduces how a normal employee can plan early retirement by providing financial tools. Look like it’s time for me to plan my pathway to financial independence START from NOW!"
"After going through all the 7 courses, I must say it was an eye-opener to be able to look at things differently after completing my course. At first, i was thinking that it might be a little boring to get it virtually done, but somehow, iLearnFromCloud has made it really interesting to understand and learn on the selected topics."
"Recently my son attended an online mind mapping course at, which teaches him the importance of mind mapping. The course taught him how to use the mind mapping software that he can use for his class note or at making decision."
"I believe the course will be extremely beneficial, especially during the pandemic. Another big benefit of this course is that it also includes a Free Mind Mapping course, a handy problem-solving tool for managing all of your problems and possible solutions that can be used to resolve them."