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  • 15 Lessons

    Mind Mapping 101

    The secret to creative thinking is to keep everything structured and orderly. The easiest method to achieve it is to use mind mapping, which works in the same way as our brain."Your brain is like a sleeping giant" -  Tony Buzan  This Mind Mapping course is designed to give you a head start in mind mapping by presenting you a FREE mind mapping software. Upon completing of the course, you'll be able to start mapping out all of your challenges in a very organized fashion, both for simple reference and to train your mind to be a creative problem solver. You'll be shocked at how much faster you'll retain information and how simple it will be to write letters, produce compelling presentations, and more once you've understood how to create mind maps!
    • FREE Mind Mapping software
    • Problem Mind Map
    • Tutorial Mind Map
    • Certificate Of Completion
  • 7 Lessons

    The Art Of Problem Solving

    We believe that resolving any problem is a straightforward process. Early detection of your condition and asking the relevant questions will place you on a firm footing. For those who are working, as a problem solver working adult, you will have the opportunity to earn more money - Yes, you can.

    Here, we'll reveal to you how to identify a problem and then ask the correct questions that will lead to a variety of solutions to all of your challenges.

    Stop suffering in silence.  

    LEARN THE ART OF SOLVING ALL YOUR PROBLEMS TODAY – the one problem solving skill that changes everything in your life in the next hour.

    • Free Mind Mapping Course
    • Certificate Of Completion


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