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For the first time, you can be a part of one of the fastest-growing industries when you work with us, namely through this newly launched social platform that is e-learning, e-coaching, e-workshop, and fintech.

As an subscriber, you are automatically qualified to be our Affiliate. As an affiliate of, you can promote any of our products or services. If you have not yet applied for your affiliate link, you can do so from our main page, find the affiliate dashboard, or send us an email at using the email address you use to access the website.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to make some fast cash, this is the easiest option for you to get started making money right away. You can begin straight away if you have a social media account such as a blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and others. All you have to do is generate an affiliate link on the dashboard and share it with all of your friends and followers.

You can watch the tutorial to learn how to view and track your progress? All you have to do is include your affiliate link in your social media post, and when your fans and followers subscribe to the product or service, you will receive a 15% referral commission.

Alternatively, you might write a blog article or make a video describing your experience with our product. Then you can add your affiliate link to that specific post or video. If you have an email list, you might share it with your contacts, but be careful not to be too spammy.

Did you know that your phone can also help you make money too? You can share your affiliate link with all of your contacts on Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, and other platforms. Please be creative with your caption because we don’t want you to spam it to your pals. You can also offer them a 10% discount using the coupon code, which you can find from your affiliate dashboard.

2. Promote Courses & Workshop To Corporate Client

Employee training is primarily driven by the desire to increase the productivity and performance of the employee. And when done correctly, it accomplishes precisely that. It equips the staff with the knowledge they need to carry out their responsibilities and positively contributes to the company. Our three workshops are focused on essential skills that many individuals require will need.

The staff can perform better if they learn these life skills. Your primary point of contact will be the company’s Human Resources (HR) Department for you to engage. If you have a friend working in a company, you may contact them about offering all of our courses and the workshop to their firm. Your referral fee for the sale is 15%.

You can promote the first workshop, which will equip the staff with the proper financial education. Employees’ financial well-being is essential since absenteeism and presenteeism will grow if they have financial problems, leading to a higher number of sick employees, thus lowering productivity. As a result, it is one of the employee benefits that many organisations offer to handle such situations.

Aside from that, several companies provide a stage of readiness for their retiring staff. You can recommend our class to educate this group of employees on how to plan for retirement.

Please keep in mind that we can tweak these financial courses, or if they so choose, we can design a workshop specifically for them. If they want us to perform the Financial Management one-day workshop, we can make an arrangement tailored to their staff’s needs.

The Art of Problem Solving is the second workshop that offers excellent value to employees in a company. It is an excellent example of how employees can be taught to deal with challenges in a structured manner. It will help both the corporation and the employees. Any employees who can address company problems better and more efficiently, the company’s performance will improve.

With these problem-solving skills, employees will have fewer problems since they will know how to solve them quickly, be it personal or business.

3. Be a Course Developer

Many of us have many ideas for a course or have some special skills. In that case, we can collaborate with you to produce courses accessible on our platform and be financially compensated on a revenue-sharing basis.

You can immediately get involved in the e-learning market, and we will offer you the know-how to get started. Another advantage is that we will handle the course’s marketing, hosting, payment, and administration, lowering the risk associated with launching your own e-learning company. Furthermore, our platform will assist you in promoting your course to all of our subscribers, while our affiliates will market your course to their friends and followers.

We are excited to collaborate with you on a mutually beneficial partnership. For more information, please click this link.

4. Be a Coach/Mentor

Those with the relevant financial expertise can apply to be a financial coach or mentor. Financial coaching and mentoring are provided to our subscribers to help them attain Financial Independence and Early Retirement.

Those with other coaching and mentoring skills are encouraged to get in touch with to see just how we can help you with your mentoring and coaching business. Please send us an email with the subject line “Mentoring/Coaching” to the address listed below. Thank you very much.

5. Promote Our Tools (E-Plan) System

As indicated previously, our E-Plan products are used by companies with Professional Financial Planners and Certified Financial Planners that handle hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.

If you have contacts with these corporations and other organisations such as insurance companies, banks, and mutual funds, you can introduce them to our solution.

As an affiliate, you will earn a 15% referral commission on our services and products, while profit sharing on other services can be discussed. To obtain additional information, please get in touch with us via email at

6. Sell A Similar e-Learning Site

We can support you in developing a website similar to if you know of any company interested in entering the e-learning business. Customers who now operate a (physical) brick and mortar business are considered potential customers. Potential customers include schools, private schools, institutions and enterprises similar to those seeking to provide their students with online services.

Other prospective customers include large corporations with large workforces such as banks, insurance companies or automotive companies who would like to set up their own private e-learning platforms. We can develop, host and manage their entire site. Referral fees are 15% of net sales.

7. Website Development

Additionally, if you are aware of any businesses that are experiencing website problems or who want to update or develop a new website that will have full e-commerce capabilities, please let us know. We offer site design, comprehensive hosting, site management and backup solution.

8. Ready Made Software

We are teaming with XPERT TECHNOLOGIES, a company established since 1997. They provide a selection of pre-built software that may be put into use straight away. Additionally, they are capable of fine-tuning the solution to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Furthermore, XPERT is capable of designing customised software to meet the special needs of your customers. Visit their website at for more details on the software offering and capability of the company.

9. Collaboration With Your Company

If you own a business and have products and services to market, we can also talk about the possibilities of working together with you and your business.

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