Financial Management Workshop


This workshop series is a hands-on approach to providing guidance to participants on the importance of financial management. It will start with a preliminary discussion on what are the key areas that the workshop will cover.

All our workshops are tailored to the group need. During the preliminary discussion, we will set out the final key objectives based on the participant financial needs.

The course is a full-day session with 2 small breaks and 1 lunch break. It will be conducted online via zoom.

All participants are required to complete our online course From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.

In this workshop, you will learn how to apply simple steps to start your journey on the right way to manage all your finances. From there on, you will learn how to set attainable financial goals which will lead you to attain financial freedom. Once you started the journey, with proper disciplines (a couple of minutes a day), you can stay ahead of the game. 

During the course there will be successful case study on how others are doing it.

Who It Is For:

For individuals who want to take control of their money, rather than have it control you. The course is suitable for beginners and anyone willing to learn how to manage their finances using the right tools.

It is ideal for those seeking financial independence and those who plan to retire early or retire soon.

and perhaps most importantly, for those seeking debt-free living.

Money problem constitute more than 90% of all our problem. If you can handle financial problem, you will be able to live stress free. This is our guarantee


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What You Will Learn From This Workshop:

    1. Understanding the fundamentals of personal finance and key financial concepts that can influence your lifestyle and road to financial freedom.
    2. Setting and management of a personal budget.
    3. The danger of debts and how to manage debts. What debts to be settled first?
    4. The importance of setting attainable financial goals that are realistic and achievable.
    5. How to plan for retirement and what is needed to retire based on your preferred lifestyle.


    • Microsoft Excel fundamentals (worksheet for you to work with).
    • Willing to make the first baby step toward bettering your present financial situation.
    • Willing to dedicate at least a few minutes every day to budget monitoring.
    • Prepare to put in some work in order to have a better grasp and awareness of your personal money in order to achieve your ultimate financial objectives.
    • Willingness to commit to changing and revising plans when financial, economic, and other situations that changes over time.

What It Includes:

All these activities must be completed before the commencement of the workshop.

    • From Rat-Race To F.I.R.E. Course
    • Personal Budget Tracker
    • Personal Budget Spreadsheet

What You Can Achieve?

    • Recognize your Freedom Number – the amount required for a decent retirement lifestyle (your first step towards financial independence).
    • The different types of financial goals and their implications for you.
    • You’ll gain an understanding of how retirement works, how much money to save and how to invest for a worry-free future.
    • You’ll learn how to adapt and modify your retirement plans and “retirement number” in response to changes in your life circumstances.
    • True financial security comes from knowing you have a workable retirement plan that you understand completely.
      What are the simplest steps you can take today to immediately save thousands of dollars on your investment and fund your retirement accounts?
    • Discover basic money-saving tips and how to create a side hustle based on your skill set.
    • Real-world strategies for accelerating your retirement dream.
    • Understanding why your retirement mindset is essential to the amount of financial success you will attain is critical.
    • Opportunity to maximise the amount of money you can live on during your retirement years and more……



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