Problem Solving One-On-One Coaching Session


Coaches provide you with honest comments and evaluations. They provide you with the feedback you require without regard for how you will interpret it. Coaches frequently have experience that you do not possess. You can benefit from their knowledge.

The first thing a problem-solving coach will want to do is get to know you and what you need. We will give you the required tools and tracking mechanisms in each session to ensure that all of your problems are properly identified, tracked, monitored, and assessed based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Stop suffering in silence.

LEARN THE ART OF SOLVING ALL YOUR PROBLEMS TODAY – the one skill that changes everything in your life in the next hour.

What You Will Receive?

  • Free The Art Of Problem Solving Course (worth Rm199.00). 
  • Free Mind Mapping Course (worth Rm129.00).
  • Pre Coaching Survey.
  • 1 Online Session – Fact-Finding and Interview. (40 minutes each).
  • 2 Online SessionsFree Bonus. (40 minutes each).
  • Crisis Management Mind Map



Even in individual and team sports, the world’s highest performance, the finest athletes have coaches. If world-class athletes require coaches, you may need one as well.

How does the One-On-One Session benefit you?

  • Provides clarity and direction to your problem.
  • Provides unbiased feedback & support.
  • We hold you accountable & be process-driven.
  • We provide objective feedback and a third party second opinion.
  • The session will offer you positive reinforcement for confronting your problem.

Who should take up this session?

  • You need to sharpen your problem-solving skills.
  • You need to talk with someone immediately and work out a solution to your problems.
  • You got too many problems to handle now.
  • You keep worrying about the problem and not able to do much about it.
  • Your stress level is almost at its peak.
  • You have sleepless nights.
  • You are totally lost and don’t know what to do.


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