Business Problem Solving Workshop


This workshop series is designed to engage with the participants the value of collaborative problem-solving. It will begin with an overview of the workshop’s primary challenges.

Each workshop is customised to address the specific needs of the entire team. After conducting a preliminary survey, we will define the ultimate key objectives to ascertain the business problem we will address during the workshop.

This is a full-day course with two short breaks and one lunch break. It will take place via zoom online.

Each participant must complete our online course, The Art of Problem Solving and Mind Mapping 101.

This workshop teaches you how to take basic steps to get started managing your problem properly. From there, you’ll learn how to develop a mind map that addresses all the strategic goals and options available to solve the business challenge.

We will engage with the entire team throughout the workshop to create a personalised mind map for a specific business challenge by the end of the workshop.


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You are continually solving problems and making decisions, from the choice to rise in the morning to the decision to close your eyes and sleep at night. Each day, you are confronted with a range of situations and choices that necessitate a reasonable, thoughtful reaction backed up by strong emotional awareness.

This workshop is about working proactively as a team toward strategies that assist you in making timely decisions while resolving work problems to add value to your company and customers. Additionally, the skills, procedures, and tools introduced in this course can be applied to other areas of your life.

Appropriate decision-making requires the ability to grasp challenges and design effective solutions carefully. This means that you can deal genuinely with events as they come and control emotions and impulses that may impair your ability to make sound judgments.

Along with intuition, creativity and mindfulness are critical components of problem resolution. Intuition is a form of decision-making that is sometimes disregarded in business. When utilized mindfully and effectively, it can add depth and speed to generating actual answers to challenges. This is discussed in detail throughout the workshop.

You will be able to do the following after completing this workshop:

  • Determine ways to improve decision-making abilities through critical thinking and creative problem solving using mind mapping techniques.
  • Recognize and eliminate obstacles to creativity in order to develop a creative work environment conducive to the formulation of practical solutions.
  • Discover new ways of thinking and seeing the world.
  • Investigate creative approaches to listening, leadership, response, and innovation.
  • Utilize awareness to consider all of the characteristics of the various accessible options and make better-informed choices.


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