Mind Mapping Workshop


This workshop series is designed to engage with the participants the value of working as a team. It will begin with an overview of the workshop’s primary business challenges.

Each workshop is customised to address the specific needs of the entire team.   Following a preliminary survey, we will outline the workshop’s final core objectives to ascertain the business issue we will need to address. Whether it is a process change, business flow, or ISO documentation, your firm will be able to arrange in a far more organised manner with the usage of the mind map.

This is a full-day course with two short breaks and one lunch break. It will take place via zoom online.

Each participant must complete our online course, Mind Mapping 101.

This workshop teaches you how to take basic steps to get started on using mind mapping tools properly. From there, you’ll learn how to develop a mind map that addresses all the strategic goals and options available to solve personal and business challenges.

We will engage with the entire team throughout the workshop to create a personalised mind map for a specific business challenge by the end of the workshop.


Effective mind mapping techniques can assist you in advancing your career and enhancing your work performance. Simultaneously, it can help you achieve greater personal development, goal setting and planning, assignment preparation and execution, and much more.

The workshop goes far above mind mapping and discusses how memory works and how to apply mind mapping to regular work. It can assist you in remembering and recalling key information easily and preparing for and reviewing options available to you in any case.

The workshop focuses on how to use mind maps to improve your creative thinking and personal productivity. You will discover time-saving techniques for virtually every work that involves planning, preparation, and precision. We will cover the essential concepts of mind mapping and why this technique helps learning, understanding, and memory recall.

What you will learn after completing this workshop:

  • Understand your thoughts clearly and streamline them so that you may convey them effectively.
  • Organize thoughts, ideas, and objectives quickly.
  • Prepare events, speeches, articles, business strategies, and marketing plans efficiently.
  • Discover how to use this approach to tap into the subconscious mind’s multitasking capacity.
  • Rapidly infiltrate your head with structured information and be able to swiftly access it.
  • You will have acquired a thought-organizational tool that will fundamentally alter your approach to planning.
  • Whether for professional or personal purposes, your mental approach to challenges or concepts will profoundly change.


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