Financial Planning Software – EXPERT – 6 Months


If you want to be confident that you can assist your client reach their financial goals, you must evaluate the entire financial situation, which XPERT Financial Planner can really do.

XPERT Financial Planner will provide insights and scenarios to assist you in aligning your client’s short and long-term goals against their retirement plan.

Professional financial planning should take into account the amount and timing of all your client goals to understand how they interact. Without professional tools like XPERT Financial Planner, understanding how these elements interact has been impossible.

We’re making it easier for you to comprehend their implications so you can assist your customer plan more effectively.

With XPERT Financial Planner, you have complete control and analysis of significant financial issues that affect your client’s finances, such as your savings rate, mortgage, return on investment, and much more, and how they all interact to affect your client’s chances of attaining your goals.”

Your client’s primary financial goal is not only about retirement. College finances, mortgages, and even purchases such as automobiles necessitate forethought. A strong financial strategy combines your client’s short-term and long-term objectives.


NOTE: This is a professional tool that is being recognized by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) for use by Licenced Financial Planners And Advisors in Malaysia. You must possess a professionally recognized certification such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Registered Financial Planners (RFP) to be able to use these tools to advise your customers in Malaysia. For Planners outside Malaysia or other certifications, please check with us first before subscribing to this software.


XPERT Financial Planner is an all-in-one financial planning tool that can help you to manage and provide the necessary information that clients will need to make sound financial decisions based on the ever-changing financial landscape.

Having the right tools at your disposal allows you to better manage your client and their expectations. These tools have been used by licensed financial planners with clients worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You can now use the same Financial Planning tools that can help you secure more clients while also providing a very professional outlook on the services you provided to them.

How does the XPERT Financial Planning Software benefit you?

  • Assist you in establishing client financial goals.
  • Able to simulate any changes to the financial situation.
  • What-if Analysis – able to provide information based on different scenarios.
  • Provide an instant snapshot of your client’s financial situation.
  • Monitor the progress of the client’s financial position and goals with new input.
  • Allow you to professionally provide advice to your client.
  • Show the impact of a financial position instantly if certain decisions are made today.

What features are available in the XPERT FP Professional Version?

  • Asset / Liabilities Setup
  • Income / Expenses Setup
  • Goals Planning
  • Networth Analysis
  • CashFlow Analysis
  • Asset & Risk Allocation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Financial Health Check
  • Insurance Need Analysis
  • Findings Entry
  • Dependent Management
  • Customer Risk Profiler

What features are available in the XPERT FP Expert Version?

  • Cash flow Quadrant
  • Investment Planning
  • Investment KPI
  • Investment Alerts
  • Asset Analysis
  • Import/Export Data
  • Attachment
  • Alert Management
  • Additional Customer Fact Finding
  • Option for Customer Access Subscription

What You Will Receive?

  • 1 Online Briefing Session – Fact-Finding and Interview (45 minutes each).
  • 2 Online Support Sessions (45 minutes each).
  • Online tutorial.
  • 180-Day Access To ePlan System (EXPERT Version) Max – 100 Customer.



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